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Reporting on our talent is a basic management tool. Business leaders and managers continue to monitor past performance as they identify trends which then influence key decisions. Within the HR department, we regularly report on key HR processes and KPIs.

The HR Reporting Lead is responsible for the design and ongoing evolution of our HR reporting ecosystem.  The focus is to development automated, self-service reports and report on complex trends impacting Avanade.

HR Reporting is a sensitive area. This area has access to personal, sensitive, and restricted data. This role needs to understand the data that is being requested but also how such data can and should be used to ensure we stay compliant with our consent agreements.

Role Summary

The HR Reporting Lead designs, evolves and manages all reporting within the HR ecosystem.  Whether the report is transactional reporting of payroll or a complex analysis of trends in attrition; all are within the remit of the Hr reporting Lead. This role will coordinate with the geographic HR teams worldwide to evolve our reporting needs and identify opportunities for automation.  This role is responsible for the overall reporting of our global Talent metrics to the HR leadership team as well as Global Management Committee.

The HR Reporting Lead identifies measures for main HR strategic initiatives and sets the measurement methodology, which is consistent and comparable with the existing measurement available on the market, bringing the outside market inside Avanade while balancing the needs of different geographic markets.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designs and evolves the HR Reporting ecosystem (PowerBI, Workday, SQL Reporting Services) and ensures that just one source of master data exists for each HR Process;
  • Consults with geographic HR teams worldwide to identify reporting needs; 
  • Works with technical team to design reports for maximum flexibility/usability by multiple teams without compromising data access rules;
  • Designs the HR early warning system to catch up unhealthy trends in the organization;
  • Designs regular audits over HR data across HR systems to ensure any gaps are rectified and reported;
  • Designs the HR data privacy policy (including employee consent statements) and sets rules for the data access across HR reporting;
  • Implements and evolves role based security to minimize risk of unauthorized access to HR reports;
  • Evaluates data requests for HR data and prepares impact assessment to data governor;
  • Participates in various HR Projects and delivers the source data for the analysis in the project team
  • Designs training courses for HR practioners regarding basic rules for data maintenance and reporting in Human Resources

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent Analytical Skills
  • Strong Presentation Skills (using data to tell the story)
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Excellent Data Management Skills
  • Ability to balance multiple workstreams simultaneously
  • Ability to work with virtual; worldwide teams
  • Previous/Existing knowledge of HR data models
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