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Innovation et développement du marché

Description du poste

Avanade’s ITS Local Technology Services (LTS) team provides global, in-office and remote, regional support for all ~15,000 of our regional, revenue generating consultants. LTS plays an important role in keeping our people productive and in the drivers’ seat, wherever they may be.

As France Local Technology Services Lead, you will manage the day to day operations and improvements for the processes and approach to local support within your region. You will be part of the team to resolve or broker resolution to issues in a timely fashion that delights and exceeds the expectations of our internal customers, foster positive relationships with the various engineering teams and ensure transparency of data, pulling together trends to determine opportunities for continuous service improvement.

Day-to-day, you will:

·       Make decisions with our internal customer (ie. the ‘user’) at the center.

·       Drive collaboration between our local support organization and our networking and communications teams. Coordinating office networking activities and local office Audiovisual installations and operations.

·       Provision all of IT equipment for end users and overall asset management

·       Organize and manage onboarding and offboarding sessions for new and exiting employees

·       Manage the IT budget and reporting to area and global leadership team

About you

You are a people person – able to mix compassion with empathy and business sense. You understand the power of good customer service and are passionate about doing things the right way, not just the easy way. You understand the importance of critical analysis and data-driven decisions. You are passionate about helping people get the most from the tools at their disposal and have the interpersonal awareness and gumption to understand how to drive this at scale.

Critical thinking skills, a strong desire to build and improve, and a passion for user/customer experience are important factors in your work habit.

Your technical skills likely include:

·       Familiarity with the O365 toolset, including experience with Excel and data manipulation and analysis

Your general business skillset likely includes:

·       Passion for and experience in customer service

·       Good command of English

·       Clear and concise oral and written communication with proven skills

·       Strong critical thinking skills

·       Self-directed ability to identify opportunities for change in an unstructured environment

·       Customer-oriented attitude with great presentation and interpersonal skills

·       Knowledge about or interest in financial management (ie: budget)

·       Experience or interest in working with offshore teams to facilitate project work.

You ideally have some experience either working as a project or program lead, or equivalent experience in a customer service management role. 

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