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Avanade is looking for a DevOps Engineer who is passionate about software delivery, with strengths in continuous delivery, microservices and cloud infrastructure




You are an accomplished software engineer with a broad skillset including core infrastructure and OS knowledge as well as an understanding of software delivery and object oriented programming methods. You are self-driven, deeply enthusiastic about technology and are capable of getting the job done correctly in high pressure and dynamic circumstances. You are adaptable and can quickly learn technologies and business domains that live outside your core skill set. You will also be able to demonstrate and describe achievements that applied DevOps on previous projects.


·        Coordinate with project managers, business analysts, developers, operations teams to understand platform requirements and evangelize ways to drive quality and value to the client stakeholders

·        Tenaciously champion core DevOps behaviours like collaboration, communication, and ownership

·        Work with development, quality assurance, and infrastructure team members to build an effective continuous integration / continuous delivery pipeline

·        Share best practices for build and deployment across a number of technologies (Azure DevOps, GitHub Enterprise)

·        Drive the team’s triaging capability by taking on challenging problems not understood by front-line support teams

·        Developing scripts for automation of every aspect of dev, build & deployment process

·        Manage a backlog of tasks centered on continuous improvement of the system




·        Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or related education

·        Scripting in languages such as PowerShell, Bash, or JavaScript

·        Proficient with git and enterprise branching strategies

·        Experience with enterprise-level software delivery and release management practices

·        Experience in configuring/administering CI/CD for Azure DevOps or GitHub Enterprise

·        Experience with micro-services or cloud-based architectures for web or mobile applications

·        Experience with securing applications with Azure KeyVault and Azure Active Directory

·        Beneficial Experience:

o   Azure Kubernetes, Docker Repository

o   Deploying containers, Helm automation

o   Authoring custom pipeline tasks for Azure Pipelines or GitHub Actions

o   Infrastructure as Code such as Azure ARM Templates, Terraform, Ansible

o   Code quality and security tools such as SonarQube, Checkmarx, Fortify, VeraCode

o   Azure Monitor, Application Insights, New Relic or DynaTrace

o   Elastic search, Prometheus, Grafana


You likely have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or related education as well as a strong focus on automation.  

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