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Job description

In this new role, you are a key contributor to Avanade’s growth and industry leadership. As one of the very few people with a global view, you will use your skills and insight to make it possible for our worldwide sales teams to reach their goals, outperform the competition, and develop rewarding customer relationships. As you connect and collaborate with business development managers and sales teams across our markets, your resourcefulness and creativity ensure that we don’t just reach our own objectives, but help organizations transform themselves as digital leaders in their turn.

This role reports to the Digital Sales & Service Offering Lead.

About the role

Day-to-day, you will:

  • Develop, refine, and maintain a global Avanade DSS customer index that will serve as one of the most important sales enablement tools.
  • Build productive, always-on relationships with the operations and sales leads in every country and get to know all local players well. Participate in regular calls with the global sales teams.
  • Create the reporting tools and provide intelligence to help executives and sales and marketing teams understand who the customers are, what the status of their projects is, and what their relationships with Avanade look like.
  • Work with sales teams to obtain detailed information about new customers and add it to the customer index. Keep close tabs on customer negotiations in progress and closed deals.
  • Verify customer readiness and facilitate customer references in response to RFPs and RFIs, and for specific marketing communications and campaign needs.
  • Understand the Avanade solutions portfolio (including 3rd parties) and communicate accordingly when needed.
  • Ensure that business development managers have the content tools to present Avanade solutions and services effectively to prospects and customers. Apply your creativity in developing impactful content formats in addition to the making sure win cards are finalized and other pieces customarily produced at Avanade.
  • Bring creativity and innovation to collaborations with the marketing team, agencies, and contractors to strategize and direct content development and production.
  • Interface with marketing executives and global channel marketing managers to develop and facilitate campaigns and initiatives. Keep sales and marketing content fresh and relevant based on industry trends, sales and marketing initiatives, solution and technology developments, competitive opportunities, and other conditions.
  • Document best practices and insights for sales from the experiences of business development managers and customers, and establish a channel or a resource to share them globally.
  • Typically meet requests for references and other business development support within 24 hours.
  • Understand and track applicable Avanade and Microsoft metrics for sales at Avanade.
  • Establish meaningful goals and quantifiable success criteria for the sales enablement role and provide management with insight into your progress and performance.
  • Share insight, best practices, and process improvements with your peer on the ERP side.
  • Travel to meetings and events, as required.


About yourself:

  • You like to work autonomously, setting your own direction and goals, but also work effectively within a worldwide organization where your success and that of many others are interdependent.
  • You can build professional relationships quickly, and have the tact, perseverance. and confidence to negotiate and accelerate shared objectives, interacting with a broad spectrum of executives and professionals.
  • You have a good understanding of the cultures and nuances in global business and communications, and can modify your approach and tone on the fly.
  • You enjoy connecting with people across the world’s regions and finding the best ways to communicate and work with them so they can succeed in their jobs.
  • You are tireless and innovative in pursuing organizational and role-specific goals and in sharing paths to success with the individuals and teams you interact with.
  • You closely follow industry and technology trends and are aware of the transformative directions companies, business models, and industries can take in our digital era.
  • You understand and appreciate the concerns and priorities of the people in customer companies who make decisions regarding technology, processes, and strategy, as well as their organization’s relationship with Avanade.
  • You like taking the initiative when you see an opportunity for improvement, and you have the skills to approach the right people in the right manner to bring it into reality.
  • You like a challenge and are good at chasing people in the right manner.
  • You are definitely a team player who enjoys adding their ingredient to the total recipie.

Background and education:

  • 5 to 7 years in sales, business development, marketing leadership, or channel management roles in the technology industry
  • Focused expertise in delivering and supporting digital solutions and services for companies in certain industries or market segments
  • Proven ability to be effective in working with a large number of individuals of almost any possible background and teams from numerous stakeholder organizations
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Familiarity with modern business management technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure
  • Solid expertise in modern digital business tools and cultures
  • Professional qualifications, education, and degree commensurate with the role’s demands
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