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Microsoft Information Protection Engineers, also called Information Security Engineers or Information Security Analysts, help to safeguard organization’s computer networks and systems. They plan and carry out security measures to monitor and protect sensitive data and systems from infiltration and cyber-attacks. Information Security Engineers usually work as part of a larger IT team and report directly to upper management.

As sensitive data is more frequently stored on computer systems, and hacking and cyber-attacks grow more frequent, companies and governments are increasingly relying on Information Security Engineers.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop Information Security Plans and Policies

Information Security Engineers help plan and carry out an organization’s information security strategy. Develop a set of security standards and best practices for the organization and recommend security enhancements to management as needed. Develop strategies to respond to and recover from a security breach. Responsible for educating the workforce on information security through training and building awareness.

Implement Protections

Experience installing and configuration of software, such as firewalls and data encryption programs, to protect organizations’ sensitive information. Assist workforce with installation or processing of new security products and procedures.

Test for Vulnerabilities

Ability to conducts periodic scans of networks and systems to find any vulnerability. Conduct penetration testing, in which they simulate an attack on the system to highlight or find any weaknesses that might be exploited by a malicious party.

Monitor for Security Breaches

Experience monitoring their organization’s networks and systems for security breaches or intrusions. Ability to install software that helps to notify organizations of intrusions and watch out for irregular system behavior.

Investigate Security Breaches

If a breach has occurred, the Information Security Engineer leads incident response activities to minimize the impact. Able to lead technical and forensic investigation into how the breach happened and the extent of the damage. Prepare reports of their findings to be reported to management.


A strong multi-tasker with a keen eye for detail. Able to think one step ahead of malefactors. Well organized and ability to thrive in fast-paced, high-stress scenarios. In addition to these general skills and personality traits, candidates should possess the following skills.

Core skills:

  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft ecosystem and security tools.
  • Direct experience with anti-virus software, intrusion detection, firewalls, and content filtering
  • Knowledge of risk assessment tools, technologies, and methods
  • Experience designing secure networks, systems, and application architectures
  • Knowledge of disaster recovery, computer forensic tools, technologies, and methods
  • Experience planning, researching, and developing security policies, standards and procedures
  • Professional experience in a system administration role supporting multiple platforms and applications
  • Ability to communicate network security issues to peers and management
  • Ability to read and use the results of mobile code, malicious code, and anti-virus software

Advanced skills:

  • Strong understanding of endpoint security solutions to include File Integrity Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention
  • CCRI Certification
  • Ability to obtain a Security Clearance


  • 3+ years of information security experience
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology or Business Administration or a related discipline, or equivalent work experience
  • SANS and CISSP accreditations highly desirable

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