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Avanade Digital Studio is looking for a Head of Front-end to join our growing Studio team.

You’ll be working closely with other architects, developers, user experience designers, visual designers and testers across multiple platforms and services. You will also be included in the Studio’s innovative culture with exposure to emerging technologies such as HoloLens, 3D printing, robotics, and AI.

You’ll join an active development community who work on consistent, highly usable, reliable and performant solutions for clients and internal projects. We pride ourselves on writing and maintaining usable, standards-compliant and best practice code for a variety of projects. If you are driven by building amazing websites, web or native apps that impress users and exceed expectations, then this is the place for you!


  • 8+ years relevant UI / front-end development experience  

Looking for a person with a...  

  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills 

  • Passion and attention for quality and details 

  • Aptitude to collaboration and sharing knowledge 

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills 

This role must: 

·       Grow and mentor our team of Front-end developers

·       Maintain relationships with our global community of front-end developers 

·       Experiment and scout new technologies and practices by following last industry trends in optics to improve improving delivered solutions 

Technology and tools: 

  • Strong experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, ES6 

  • Strong experience in mobile-first and responsive design and browser/device compatibility and UX/UI Accessibility  

  • In-depth knowledge of at least one Web Frameworks like ReactJS, Angular and Vue.js 

  • Good exp. CSS pre-processors, SASS/SCSS syntax and UI Frameworks: Fabric UI, Material UI, Bootstrap 

  • Experience in native Web animation techniques like transitions, animations and WebGL, SVG and Canvas or with external libraries like Tweenmax/GSAP 

  • Familiarity with JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, Markup) and Gatsby 

  • Familiarity with Async. programming, client-server architecture and TCP/IP protocols 

  • Strong Experience with REST APIs or GraphQL 

  • Experience with Web CMS (Sitecore, WordPress, etc.) with focus on CMS Headless (DatoCMS - Contentful) and MVC architectures 

  • Familiar with BEM front-end methodology, web design patterns and single-Page applications 

  • Strong experience with collaborative and project management tools like Git/SVN, JIRA DevOps applied in Agile methodology 

  • Familiarity with Cloud-oriented services and Serverless technologies: AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku 

  • Experience in optimizing front-end performance, including critical rendering path, caching and module bundling with tools 

  • Experience with Node.js, bundling and package managers tools like NPM, WebPack, Babel, Gulp

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