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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Job Description

Microsoft’s vision is to help businesses build the supply chain of the future that is resilient, efficient, and sustainable. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights will be capable of sensing, predicting, and mitigating disruptions before they occur without sacrificing efficiency or sustainability. We are looking for an enthusiastic intern (per February-March 2023) that will dive into this topic!


Organizations with complex supply chains such as manufacturers and retailers will be able to create a digital representation of their physical supply chain and achieve end-to-end real-time visibility. They will break down data silos inside their organization as well as across the broader ecosystem. They will be able to take advantage of AI to analyze the huge amounts of data that are surfaced and get recommendations that are predictive as well as prescriptive. Finally, they will be able to collaborate within and across company boundaries, and take actions to simultaneously improve resilience, achieve efficiency, and drive sustainability by closing the loop around supply chain execution systems. 


In this internship you will dive deeply into this solution, understanding the potential, and making a blueprint of the core components. You will come in contact with supply chain map, logistical models, supply chain partners, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Analytics, Stock management, data models, the Power Platform, AI, … 

You will do this on individual basis, but with support of a mentor and help from other colleagues where needed! 

We want to invest time to build: 

  • A good and clear understanding and documentation of how the supply chain insights application works 
  • A good and clear set of guidelines in order to fully benefit from this new feature. 
  • Examples on how to use this new solution and how project implementations can benefit from this approach. 

By completing this task, you will have the right mind- and skill set to become an ERP-consultant at the leading Microsoft business applications implementor: Avanade. This internship might be the first step to a challenging career at Avanade.

This is Avanade

Our vision? ‘To advance the world through the power of people and Microsoft’. Avanade was founded over 20 years ago as a joint venture of Accenture & Microsoft. Since then, we have grown into an internationally established IT consultancy firm with a passion for the latest Microsoft technology. We have a big heart for the work we do, a great talent for technology & we strive to achieve the best results based on teamwork.

Avanade is the ideal environment to engage with the world's most advanced Microsoft technologies. To keep innovating, we always have an eye out for new talent. That's why Avanade offers graduation internships to talented and ambitious students. During these internships, there is excellent supervision by an experienced consultant and you will have great opportunities to develop yourself professionally. For example, during your internship at Avanade you can obtain a Microsoft certificate and we organize valuable skill trainings. We also provide networking opportunities within Avanade, so you get the chance to meet our consultants & hear about the challenging projects we do. We’d want you to gain good knowledge of what Avanade is all about, rather than just working on your thesis solely.

We stand for a learning full and warm atmosphere on the work floor (also online!). This way we guarantee a great internship experience. As a graduate student, you are a fully-fledged colleague, and you get plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and build a foundation for your career. Together with the other interns, you will form an enthusiastic group and community within the Avanade family. Together we go beyond!

We are looking for you because... 

  • You are a graduation student looking for an internship per February-March 2023; 
  • You have a combination of supply chain and data analytics knowledge with affinity to IT 
  • You have a strong interest in ERP/IT Consultancy and wish to emerge yourself in it;  
  • You have strong problem-solving, great interpersonal and analytical skills;
  • You have a combination of technical and business knowledge with affinity to IT;  
  • You have a proficient level in English and French or Dutch

Avanade offers you…

  • A challenging and fun internship program with lots of opportunities to develop your professional skills
  • An internship that complies with all measures regarding COVID-19. Currently, a hybrid system is implemented: you can come to the office on your own initiative and combine this with teleworking;
  • Strong support from a (technical) internship mentor. Your internship mentor will support you both in the content and the process of your internship;
  • The possibility to work together in a team of ERP professionals;
  • A work laptop to work with;
  • Possibility to obtain a Microsoft certificate during your internship;
  • A fantastic atmosphere, a beautiful office & lots of opportunities for networking.

At the end of your internship, you have gained several (soft) skills, you will have a good view on Avanade's expertise and way of working. Next to this, you will have built up valuable connections.


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About Avanade

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