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As ML Engineer, you will be part of team to develop analytics solutions based on machine learning & statistical predictive algorithms for clients of Data & AI. We are looking for experienced machine learning engineers with extensive hands-on experience in machine and deep learning, statistical modeling, and software development, proven scientific research skills, and technical leadership.

To ensure success as a machine learning engineer, you should demonstrate solid data science knowledge and experience in a related ML role. Avanade is looking someone whose expertise translates into the enhanced performance of predictive automation software.

Experience: 4-6 years overall experience and at least 3 years working as ML Engineer


            Python, Java, and R programming.

            Hands-on experience and understanding of deep learning techniques (TensorFlow, Theano, MXNet, Microsoft DMTK).

            Experience with big data stack (Spark, Hadoop, Storm, Hive & Pig) and NoSQL stores.

            Experience with distributed machine learning (RHadoop, Spark MLlib).

            Strong algorithmic and programming skills in Java or C/C++ or C# or Scala.

            A solid grounding in applied mathematics, especially optimization and graph theory, and statistics.

Key Responsibilities:

1.           Consulting with managers to determine and refine machine learning objectives.

2.           Designing machine learning systems and self-running artificial intelligence (AI) software to automate predictive models.

3.           Transforming data science prototypes and applying appropriate ML algorithms and tools.

4.           Ensuring that algorithms generate accurate user recommendations.

5.           Turning unstructured data into useful information by auto-tagging images and text-to-speech conversions.

6.           Solving complex problems with multi-layered data sets, as well as optimizing existing machine learning libraries and frameworks.

7.           Developing ML algorithms to analyze huge volumes of historical data to make predictions.

8.           Running tests, performing statistical analysis, and interpreting test results.

9.           Documenting machine learning processes.

10.         Keeping abreast of developments in machine learning.


Job Requirements:

1.           Significant experience in the design and build of data science solutions for customers.

2.           Strong experience with Microsoft Technologies

3.           Hands-on experience in data science, machine learning and statistical analytics.

4.           Experience in data analytics, BI, data warehousing, a data platform development or other relevant hands-on technical experience.

5.           Understanding of structured and unstructured data analysis, streaming data, IoT, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and related topical analytics fields.

6.           Understanding of data science methodologies and the processes of data scientists follow in problem-solving.

7.           Significant experience in implementing/deploying ML solutions in Azure or other cloud platforms

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