Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Area of expertise:

Advisory Services

Job Description

Re-entering the workforce after stepping away often comes with a combination of excitement and anxiety. Excitement for new work, new opportunities to connect with colleagues and the chance to see how things have changed since you were last working full time. The anxiety often comes from wondering if your industry or technology overall have passed you by and worry that companies will see gaps on your resume and have trouble seeing all the skills and insight you’ve built through the rest of your experiences. 


Avanade is ready to reduce your anxiety by letting you know we share your excitement about returning to the workforce. So excited, in fact, that we partnered with iRelaunch to create an Avanade Returner Academy pilot. We thrive on the energy that comes with innovating and interacting with people who have gathered diverse experiences that help them approach things from a different angle. 


We’re looking for people to re-start their careers after a break of two or more years. People like you, who may have worked on a small-scale basis to fit around other commitments or have not done paid work for a while. We know you have so much to offer and we are keen to work with you to realise a new path filled with learning and opportunity for advancement. 


As part of this 3 month program, we will pay you to participate with the intent to place you in a permanent role if there’s a good fit. We’re starting the pilot in September 2023 in Australia, Austria, France, and Germany and we’re taking applications now. 


During the programme, you’ll receive: 

  • A tailored induction to Avanade & Advisory – building your understanding of what we do and how we do it 

  • Coaching sessions delivered by our partner iRelaunch – to support you in navigating your new working environment and balancing that with your personal circumstances