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"What appeals to me about Avanade is the accessibility of the people and the open culture. All this together ensures that I am challenged, technically and personally, in current and future projects"

Jeffry Visser, Senior Consultant, Software Engineering

Utrecht, Netherlands

"At Avanade, I can design my career individually according to my competences and goals, while constantly developing myself to meet new challenges. My team and my supervisors have supported me from day one."

Viola Kroh, Consultant, Advisory

Frankfurt, Germany

"I joined Avanade immediately after graduating. In a year and a half I have already worked on 4 different projects across different industries, teams, contexts and challenges."

Anne-Solène Juin, Senior Analyst, DevOps and Agile Coaching

Paris, France

"Avanade has supported me through all different stages of my life, including going from traveling full-time to becoming more regionally focused when I became a parent"

Beth Howlett, Executive, Delivery Management

Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I love the people I work with; they are the best in their field, and are great to be around and interact with daily."

Jennifer Tey, Manager, Delivery Management