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Role Overview.
As an Industrial Technical Architect, you will work with clients in a specific industry domain to translate their business strategy and requirements into analytics solutions and services that realize their vision for their business. This role is critical in creating new business value for specific industry outcome/use cases through diverse data and applied intelligence capabilities, such as data engineering, data modeling, analytics, automation, and/or artificial intelligence. You will work with diverse Avanade teams and senior leaders of client organizations to stitch diverse analytics capabilities and industry use cases into business-changing solutions. As an Industry Technical Architect, you will collaborate with Enterprise Architects to effectively blend data and analytics into industry specific business processes.

Key Role Responsibilities.
Day-to-day you will:
  • Advise and work with clients on industry specific challenges and resulting relevant analytics use cases for their industry.
  • Develop overall project plans and a strategic vision for industry specific applied intelligence solutions, providing a comprehensive roadmap for clients’ needs.
  • Drive use case prioritization, strategy vision and analytics roadmap workshops with clients as required.
  • Provide high-level industry, data sources and architectural expertise to sales, project and other analytics teams. 
  • Develop architectural products and deliverables for the enterprise and operational business lines that are industry specific and repeatable.
  • Perform a key management and thought leadership role in the areas of advanced data techniques for your particular industry.
  • Develop strategy of data, system and the design infrastructure necessary to support that industry specific intelligent solutions. 
  • Build relationships with Data & AI architects across the company and collaborate on promoting architectural best practices across the company.

Key Role Skill & Capability Requirements.
  • Demonstrable professional experience within an industry as it relates to solution architecting and leading large Data & AI projects/transformations.
  • Proficient in statistical analysis, quantitative analytics, forecasting/predictive analytics and typical industry relevant advanced analytics/AI use cases.
  • Familiarity and knowledge of AI/ML cloud technologies and their applicability in industry contexts.
  • Strong understanding of typical data sets, sources and peculiarities to consider in data modelling from an industry perspective.
  • Able to explain complex analytical methodologies and concepts in non-technical language.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience partnering on analytics-related sales pursuits.
  • Client consulting and project-leadership experience working with third-party clients.
  • Experience with one or more predictive analytics tools including R, Python, SAS and/or experience and understanding on visualization tools such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau is preferred but not necessary.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases and tools (i.e. Hadoop, Hive Spark, etc.) preferred.

Preferred Certifications.
Preferred Education Background:
You likely possess a Master in a field such as computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, or machine learning. An equivalent combination of education and experience will also suffice.

Preferred Years of Work Experience.
  • You likely have about 8-10+ years of demonstrable experience mining and analyzing complex data sets, preferably in a consulting environment or a combination of experience and relevant education
  • You likely have at least 5-7 years of experience in a specific industry focus area (e.g. Retail, Retail Banking, Manufacturing).

Scope of Work.
  • Nature of Work: Directs collective work efforts to accomplish strategic goals for given portfolio of projects, programs, and/or clients.
  • Scope of Work: Translates high-level strategy into more localized strategy and operational objectives.
  • Complexity: Highly complex problems, often requiring analysis of near-intangible factors, creative solutioning and significant networking to succeed. 
  • Discretion: Authority to establish standards and shift overall direction of projects and programs in response to functional strategy
  • Organizational Impact: Work efforts are typically strategic in nature, and may have a lasting, long-term impact on Avanade and/or client operations and strategic direction. If client-facing, should drive client-relationship and sales outcomes.
  • Supervision Received: Operates with extreme latitude in determining focus and approach to work objectives. 
  • Supervision Provided: Mentors and manages work efforts of more junior colleagues and team members as required by various workstreams; may formally supervise work of project teams. If managing team(s) of more junior employees full-time, then refer to the People & Business Leadership leveling criteria. Often serves as Career Advisor.
  • Knowledge Applied: Applies expert knowledge of a learned occupation / discipline and demonstrable, broad knowledge of business operations and organizational strategy.

Accountabilities & Metrics.
  • Chargeability target.
  • Personal goals.

Relevant Additional Details.
This field is reserved for any additional details that may not be globally relevant and consistently vary on a position-by-position basis.

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